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Is It A Cold, Allergies Or The Flu?

Posted by Allergena on

Nobody likes being sick, but it's that time of year again. You know, the time of year that your once quiet office turns into a chorus of sniffles and coughs. The worst part is when you get sick, you often feel the cloud of sickness looming over your head for a couple weeks. But maybe you aren't actually sick this year, it could just be seasonal allergies.

The Common Cold

The common cold is a viral infection that most of us think we can recognize, but it often affects different people in different ways. The most common symptoms are having a runny or stuffy nose, a sore throat, a cough, congestion, body aches, sneezing, low-grade fever and a general feeling of discomfort. Typically colds are pretty mild, only exhibiting a few of the symptoms, but sometimes the common cold can hit hard. And as always, if you do have multiple symptoms, don't hesitate to go see a medical professional

The Flu

What is a three letter word that most people are scared of? Well naturally, the answer is the flu. Almost everybody has had the flu before, and most people have had it multiple times. While the flu is known for hitting people hard, it can often be confused with the common cold. The reason that the flu can be initially thought to be a cold, is because much like the cold it starts with a runny nose, a sore throat, and sneezing. Although both sicknesses start the same, the flu often quickly progresses to be more serious, with high-grade fevers, aching muscles, chills and sweats, headache, dry cough, weakness, fatigue, congestion and sore throat. While the flu often has to take its course, you should contact your local doctor if you notice it getting substantially worse.


Both the flu and the common cold are sicknesses caused by a single source of a virus. Unlike viruses, allergies can be caused by multiple things. Allergies are really just your body’s natural reaction to coming in contact with foreign substances such as pollen or pet dander. Unlike viral infections, allergies can vary greatly from person to person, with some people being allergic to things that others aren't, or just having more severe reactions to the same substances as others. Allergy symptoms, while very different than viral infections, often have the same symptoms. Symptoms like sneezing, itchy eyes or nose, runny or stuffy nose, sore throat or swollen eyes. A sign that you may have allergies is if you exhibit symptoms for an extended period of time.

Allergy Treatment

There are countless allergy relief products on the market that address the symptoms of allergies, but you might want to look into suppressing your allergy itself. At Allergena, we can help you with our natural seasonal allergy relief products. Our sublingual immunotherapy drops will not simply address your symptoms, but instead create antibodies that keep you from getting the symptoms in the first place. We believe that we truly have the best allergy remedies because we specifically tailor our product to meet the individual needs of people in different geographic regions. If you are in need of allergy relief or have any questions about our product, please contact us.