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​Pet Allergy Relief and Why Dogs Rule

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When it comes to pets, there are two types of people: Cat lovers and dog lovers.

People who own cats love their cats and people who own dogs love their dogs. And both types of pet owners will defend their choice of pet to the end. Dog owners think dogs make the best pets and cat owners think cats are the best pets.

But we have proof, solid proof, that dogs make the best pets.

This is, of course, just our opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. Allergena, your source for pet allergy relief, offers the painfully obvious reasons why dogs make better pets.

Dogs Like to Play

If you throw a Frisbee or tennis ball, Fido will chase it down quite eagerly and bring it back to you. If you throw a Frisbee or tennis ball, your cat will stare at you like you are a fool. What fun is that?

In fact, dogs like to play as much as they can, when they aren’t sleeping, of course. Cats rarely like to play and when they do, they prefer to leave us out of their fun and games. Also, when cats play, some poor bird or mouse winds up dead.

There is a Variety of Dogs

A cat is a cat is a cat, because they are all basically the same. But there is a huge variation of dogs.

You can be the proud owner of a Chihuahua or a Great Dane or something in between. You can have a tall dog with long legs or you can own a short dog with short legs and a stump for a tail. Dogs are very unique as you can pick and choose the size, color and breed you desire.

Cats all pretty much look alike.

Unconditional Love

Your dog loves you no matter what, a dog’s love is unconditional. Don’t for a moment think that your cat loves you, for whatever reason. At best, your cat will only pretend to like you in order to get food or some other goody. And this fake admiration for you won’t last. Once a cat gets what it wants, it will turn on you.

Dogs Offer Protection

You are out for a night on the town and not worried about someone breaking into your home while you are gone. Why? Because you know that Fido would bark and growl and scare away any potential burglar.

Cat owners aren't allowed the same peace of mind while they are away from their home because they know their cat isn’t going to scare off a burglar. In fact, it wouldn't be a surprise if the cat would unlock the door for the burglar.

Your cat doesn't care what happens to your home when you are gone, he is more concerned about sitting there licking himself.

Dogs Help People

Have you ever seen a seeing-eye cat? We didn’t think so.

You Can Control a Dog

If you have ever tried to teach a cat anything, you know that it is an exercise in futility. Cats do what cats want to do and they don’t care about following rules and they don’t care what you think about them.

Dogs can be trained to go potty outside, not to chew your good shoes and to bark at strangers they approach the house. You cat scratches your furniture when he wants to, would never let you know there is a stranger approaching the house and will leave that hairball right on your pillow.

No Litter Box

We are willing to bet that even the biggest cat lover in the world hates dealing with the litter box. We don’t blame them. There is nothing worse than having to scoop out and otherwise clean a litter box.

In fact, litter boxes are pretty much an all-around pain.

Dogs Make Us Healthy

Fido needs to go on a walk. And since he can’t do this all by himself, you must walk him. In doing so, you are inadvertently getting exercise, which is good for your health and for your weight.

Basically, Fido helps keep you healthy. Your cat does everything in his power to hurt you or otherwise bring you down.

And if you suffer per allergies, we have the perfect remedy. Shop Allergena today. 

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