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Seasonal Allergy Relief and Spring Cleaning

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Mark it on your calendar.

Friday, June 21 is the first official day of summer. Which means you have only two days left to do your spring cleaning. Talk about procrastination.

Normally, we wouldn’t be so adamant about spring cleaning, it’s a task you can choose to ignore if you wish. But if you suffer from allergies, spring cleaning holds a little more importance because cleaning up your house can help reduce allergens and germs. It is a good idea to give your home a fresh start for the new season.

After keeping your home closed up all winter long, spring cleaning can be an enjoyable, welcome and refreshing activity. Who are we kidding? You put off spring cleaning just like any other task.

But this year is different, you are determined to clean the house up before summer sets in. You just don’t know where to start. We can help. Allergena, your source for seasonal allergy relief, offers tips for spring cleaning for people who suffer from allergies.

Reduce Clutter

Spring is a great time of year to sell, donate or throw out all of their stuff you really don't need anymore. In addition to extra clothes you don’t wear anymore, your home is likely filled with knickknacks and other stuff that you just don’t need.

This collection of stuff you don’t need is being stored in closets, under beds and in drawers of dressers and desks collecting dust and providing plenty of spots for dust mites and other pests to hide.

It is also difficult to clean around all of this clutter. Once you get rid of the things you don't need, spring cleaning becomes a much easier task.

Consider Renovations

Carpet is very difficult to clean and keep clean and it traps many different types of allergens. Even with frequent vacuuming and shampooing, carpets are still filled with allergens. This spring, you might want to consider having hardwood floors installed in place of carpet.

Your home might also have gaps that lead outside and let cold air in during the winter and lets cool air out in the summer. These gaps are also big enough to let bugs and other pests in. A little caulking will go a long way in keeping pests that drag allergens into your home out.

When cleaning your gutters, check your roof for any obvious signs of damage. A leaky roof is a sure way to have mold growing in your home, something allergy sufferers certainly don’t want.

Clean Thoroughly

Studies show that cleaning thoroughly is more important than cleaning often. So come spring, it is time to get down and get cleaning.

Make sure you use the attachments on your vacuum and clean under furniture, in corners and behind doors. Make sure you are cleaning where dust mites and their droppings tend to collect, in drapes, on padded furniture and on mattresses.

Groom Pets

Allergy sufferers need to keep their pets clean as well. Springtime is a great time to take Fido in for professional grooming. Furry friends should be groomed n a regular basis to keep their dander under control.

If you have critters in cages, like guinea pigs or hamsters, for example, make sure you are cleaning their bedding frequently.

Keep Windows Closed

The weather is so much nicer in the spring, it makes you want to open up the windows and enjoy the fresh air. The problem is that along with fresh air, an open window allows allergens inside. This is not good for allergy sufferers.

Keep the windows closed and those allergens outside. Instead, fill your home with some crushed mint leaves and sliced lemon for a sweet aroma that won’t irritate your allergies.

Clean the Air

There are several ways in which you can keep indoor air clean. For example, make sure you are changing out the HVAC filter at least once every three months if not more frequently.

When you dust, use a cloth that is dampened with water to keep dust out of the air. Spraying a liquid on a surface can reduce airborne particles by as much as 90 percent.

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