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5 Essential Oils that Can Help to Alleviate Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Posted by Allergena on

We know that the products offered by us are absolutely the best when it comes to bringing you homeopathic relief from your allergies. On the other hand, we are very aware that there are other treatments you can use that in conjunction with our allergy relief drops, can help to make allergy season even more enjoyable for you. If you are suffering from a blocked or runny nose, coughing, sneezing, and difficulty breathing there are plenty of remedies that are available to you. In this post, we are going to be discussing the different essential oils that you can use in your everyday life in order to alleviate your allergy symptoms. Continue reading below to learn more.

Tea Tree Oil

You probably are mildly familiar with tea tree oil as it is used in a number of natural products. This oil is well known to fight airborne pathogens that can trigger allergies as well. Tea tree oil’s antimicrobial activity can be used against a number of different things like mold, yeast, and a wide range of bacteria. If you diffuse tea tree oil in your home, you can destroy potential allergen-causing bacteria and fungi.

Tea tree oil also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Additionally, it can be applied directly to the skin in order to kill bacteria. By putting a couple of drops of tea tree oil on a cotton swab, you can apply the oil to the affected areas in order to promote proper healing.

Peppermint Oil

This is the most common essential oil that is suggested for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. By inhaling diffused peppermint essential oil, you can not only unclog your sinuses, but it can help to bring instant relief is you are experiencing a sore throat. Even in the case that someone is not experiencing seasonal allergy symptoms, and instead has a common cold, sinusitis, or even asthma, peppermint oil is suggested a temporary remedy. Just a couple of drops with water inhaled can unclog your nose, help a scratchy throat and reduce the symptoms of inflammatory disorders. You can even add it to a cup of hot water or tea and ingest it orally if you are so inclined.


Lemon Oil

Another very popular essential oil is lemon oil. Lemons are known to be incredibly good for your overall health as they can remove toxins from the body. When the lemon essential oil is diffused in your home, it will easily eliminate allergens in the air and promote your immune system at the same time. Lemon essential oil is also used to help people overcome respiratory issues they may be experiencing. Additionally, it stimulates the liver and eliminates internal inflammation if you take it orally.

Eucalyptus Oil

People mainly associate Eucalyptus oil with the common cold as it is used often to get rid of the most common symptoms. Since this oil is able to clear out the lungs as well as the nasal passages, your airflow can be massively improved after using Eucalyptus. This oil is also known to be generally soothing and therefore promote relaxation. Applying it topically to your chest and temples is a great way to temporarily find relief from your seasonal allergies.

Basil Oil

The last oil that can help you with your seasonal allergies is basil oil. This is an oil that can greatly support the way your body actually reacts to a threat of allergens. This works by reducing the inflammatory response you may otherwise have. When put in a diffuser, basil essential oil can help your adrenal glands and promote detoxification in your body. You can also apply this oil directly to your chest and temples for additional allergy relief.