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The Worst Cities To Live In If You Suffer From Seasonal Allergies

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When you are a seasonal allergy sufferer, chances are you are going to experience intense symptoms no matter where you live. Even if it is only for a couple of weeks when spring first kicks into high gear, you will probably be making a lot of trips to your allergist or doctor’s office requesting much-needed relief. While these symptoms seem like a pain as they are, it is likely that they could be way worse. That’s right, there are certain cities in the United States that make the spring a literal nightmare for allergy sufferers who reside there. In this post, we will discuss the ten worst cities to live in (or even visit) once spring has arrived. Continue reading below to learn more about each.

Buffalo, NY

This is the second-largest city in all of New York so it might surprise you to find out that it has an extremely high pollen score, leaving its residents to use allergy medications at an above-average rate. This can be attributed mostly to Buffalo being the neighbor of the extremely famous Niagara Falls, and that there are some of the sunniest and driest springs in the entire Northeast here. Plain and simple, this means that the pollen in this area tends to stick around longer than it does in other places.


Wichita, KS

Some of the main triggers of seasonal allergies are multiple kinds of weeds and grass. When it comes to this Kansas city, there is certainly no shortage of either. This leads to those who live in this midwestern town experiencing what seems like excess sneezing, itchy eyes and more. Additionally, this city has a low number of allergy doctors, making your symptoms even more difficult to control.

Rio Grande Valley, TX

While the Rio Grande Valley will certainly cause seasonal allergies in general, specifically McAllen, TX is known for kicking off spring allergy season extra early. Pollen travels from the cedar trees in the mountains hundreds of miles away and the dry weather combines to make the perfect allergy storm. Additionally, it doesn’t help that this area gets very little rain all year long, allowing the pollen to stick around.

Louisville, KY

Known as the home of the Kentucky Derby, Louisville might be a great place to unwind at the racetrack, it isn’t the best where seasonal allergies are concerned. This can be attributed to the bluegrass Kentucky is also famous for as this type of turf releases more pollen than any other kind of grass in the country. If you are heading to the Bluegrass State this spring to watch the horses run for the roses, be sure to take extra precautions when it comes to the amount of allergy relief products you bring along with you.

Memphis, TN

While the nightlife in Memphis might be famous for offering a good time, the seasonal allergies that residents of this city suffer are anything but fun. With so many trees in the city, pollen runs rampant, making sneezing and sniffling the norm from April to June. This is considered one of the very worst places you can live if you have asthma.

Combat Seasonal Allergies Based On Your Geographic Region

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