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7 Tips For Making Allergy Season Bearable

Posted by Allergena on

Well, spring has finally sprung and with it’s arrival will soon come the coughing, runny nose sneezing, itching eye, headaches and much more if you are a person who suffers from terrible seasonal allergies. As if internal symptoms were not enough, many times seasonal allergy symptoms show through your outward appearance as well, such as “allergic shiners” which are very dark circles that can appear under the eyes due to nasal and sinus congestion. Even if your symptoms are not this severe, they likely have a major effect on your day to day life during allergy season.

Why do allergies occur?

Plain and simple, you experience allergies because your immune system decides that it wants to be overly dramatic about completely normal substances in the air. For some reason, certain people’s bodies see these substances as invaders rather than just ignoring them. When this happens, your body works to create a protein known as IgE. This protein then causes the cells in your body to release histamine which causes the inflammation and itchiness that you experience this time of year.

The main culprit causing your seasonal allergy symptoms is plant pollen. When the weather is warm and dry, these particles can easily travel through the air, and make their way into your respiratory system. The most frustrating thing about seasonal allergies is that there is no cure-all for them. While you can do many things to relieve you of these pesky symptoms, you will still have to use these same remedies time and time again to fight off your runny nose, sneezing and more. Keeping this in mind, we have composed a list of seven things you can do to prevent your allergies from ruining spring for you. Continue reading below to learn what these remedies are.

Take notice of daily pollen counts

Your regular morning weather channel not only notes temperature changes and humidity, but they also keep track of the amount of pollen that is in the air on any given day. Checking out what these pollen counts are expected to be ahead of time will help you to plan outdoor activities for days that won’t cause you to have a ton of symptoms.

Be sure to close your windows

Clearly leaving your windows open during the spring is a bad idea if you are someone who suffers from seasonal allergies. If your home gets a tad on the warm side, try purchasing a fan or turning on the air conditioning so that you don’t let pollen into your home.

Wash your sheets often

Crawling into bed after a long hard day is always nice, except when you have spent much of your day outside, acquiring pollen on your skin. When you spend all night laying in a bed of pollen, this isn’t the best idea. This is why it’s important to wash your sheets often. We would suggest once every week or so.

Shower smart

Along with the last tip, we would suggest that you switch up your shower schedule if you are someone who likes to shower in the morning. Showering at night will lessen the amount of seasonal allergy symptoms you experience as you won’t be sleeping all night with pollen on your skin, as we mentioned previously.

Omega-3s are imperative

Your body can use all the help it can get fighting the inflammation that is caused by the histamine. Introducing Omega-3s into your diet will help to eliminate symptoms of inflammation things like chia seeds, walnuts, sardines, salmon and more are anti-inflammatories.

Add probiotics to your diet

Probiotics are honestly great for everyone to have in the diet, but they can especially help those who are suffering from seasonal allergies. They also will likely help you cut back on the amount of allergy medications you are currently taking.

Try Allergena

Allergena’s liquid formulas are made specifically to fight the symptoms that are caused by specific allergens in the geographic area in which you live. Our product will make it much easier for you to get through your day even when you are someone who often deals with seasonal allergies. Start shopping now and find the relief you have been searching for your entire life!