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Is a Cold or Your Fall Allergies Acting Up?

Posted by Allergena on

With today being the first day of fall, you are likely pretty excited. With so many of your seasonal favorites returning like pumpkin spice lattes and sweaters, it’s hard to think of anything you could possibly complain about when it’s autumn. However, there are two exceptions, fall allergies and cold season. The most frustrating part about both of these pesky things arriving at the same time is that most people have a hard time telling them apart as they normally have very similar symptoms. Let’s talk about the few ways you can distinguish your fall allergies from a cold.

Sore vs. Scratchy Throat

When you have a cold, you will likely wake up one morning to find that you have a sore throat all of a sudden. On the other hand, fall allergies are likely to make your throat feel scratchy or itchy as if something is stuck in it.

Length of Illness

Colds have their stages, they normally start with a sore throat and then move on to a runny nose or congestion, and coughing, but they tend to be gone after about a week. Fall allergies, on the other hand, do not leave so easily. In fact, they are likely to stick around until the season ends or until you seek treatment.

Coughing vs. Sneezing

When you have a cold, you will cough, probably a lot. Alternatively, allergies comes with more sneezing and wheezing and coughing.

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