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Is Your Pet Suffering From Seasonal Allergies This Year?

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There are few people who cannot identify when they are experiencing symptoms of seasonal allergies. After all, the signs are pretty obviously, especially if you have had them before. However, the same cannot be said of people knowing when their pets are having the same ailment. That’s right, whether you can tell or not, your pet may be severely struggling with seasonal allergy symptoms. We know how much you love your pet and therefore, we know that if this is the case with your furry pal, you would do anything you could to bring them relief. That’s why Allergena exists, to bring you and your pets the relief that you are hoping to find, but we’ll get into that soon. First, let’s talk about pet allergies and how they manifest themselves.

How common is it for pets to have seasonal allergies?

While it isn’t incredibly common for pets to have seasonal allergies, roughly ten to fifteen percent of dogs have some kind of environmental allergy. This means that they suffer from either seasonal allergies or allergies that are due to something like dust mites. When it comes to cats, they are less likely to suffer from seasonal allergies, and exhibit different symptoms that may be less obvious.

What signs do pets show that they are suffering from allergies?

When a dog has seasonal allergies, there will not be allergies like the ones humans experience. Sure, you may notice a bit that your dog’s eyes are a little bit watery or their nose is a little bit runny. However, for the most part, dogs will exhibit that they are having issues with allergies by scratching or chewing at their own skin excessively. While this may not seem like it’s that serious, these symptoms can escalate quickly. This maddening scratching and chewing can eventually lead to your pet developing secondary infections whether they be bacterial or yeast. Many of these infections can be quite serious and will require long term treatment that will include antimicrobials or antifungals, bathing and other various medications. This is something that you undoubtedly don’t want to put your pet through and therefore, seasonal allergy prevention is imperative.

What can help your pet with their allergies?

There are plenty of over-the-counter medications you can give to your pet to help remedy seasonal allergy symptoms. However, these products are most often made to relieve symptoms and not prevent them. When it comes to Allergena pet allergy products, we have developed a formula that will work to limit the amount of symptoms your pet is showing from the get go. This will make your pet feel better all around and also ensure that you do not feel the pain that comes with seeing your furry pal in pain. By using immunotherapy that stimulates and restores the ability for your pet’s immune system to fight infection and disease, your pet will experience limited symptoms. This is the same sort of process that is used when allergy shots are given to people when they visit their doctor’s office for extreme issues associated with seasonal allergies.

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