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Pet Dander Allergies & How To Combat Them

Posted by Allergena on

Our pets are members of our families, which is why it makes it hard when you discover that someone in your home is suffering from a pet dander allergy. When this happens, you have to decide what step to take next. One option is to get rid of your pet, which is something no one wants to do. Conversely, you can begin to look for a solution to the pet allergy issue.

How do pet allergies affect your body?

When animal dander enters the system of someone who is allergic, the immune system begins to create antibodies. These antibodies are made to destroy or neutralize the allergens in the pet dander that are responsible for the allergic reactions that are occurring. This can cause symptoms like sneezing, itchy eyes, coughing, trouble breathing and more.

Solutions for pet allergies

People have tried many different remedies when it comes to solving the issues their pet allergies are causing them. Many people subscribe to antihistamines which are supposed to block the effects of the chemical that is known to trigger pet allergies and the symptoms that come along with them. These are often medications that are sold over the counter which tend to be mildly expensive. Other people use nasal steroids. These are nasal sprays that calm inflammation that is a result of pet allergies. This treatment also tends to be a tad on the expensive side.

A Reasonable Allergy Solution

Due to the elevated price of allergy treatments that will allow you to keep your pet in your home, we would suggest you try an alternative method. The Allergena Pet Dander Formula is made to be affordable and take care of all of your pet dander allergy symptoms. By simply placing a drop of the formula under your tongue, you will find that relief is possible. This formula is made to reduce the negative reaction your body has to pet allergens. These drops build your immunity which are supposed to give you the ability to fight the symptoms that come along with pet allergies.

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