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Tips for Tackling Winter Allergies - Pt. 1

Posted by Allergena on

In our last post we discussed that winter allergies actually do exist and how those who suffer from them can find relief. However, there are far more steps you can take in addition to adding Allergena Seasonal Allergy drops to your daily regimen. In this two-part blog post, uncover some of the steps you can take to make sure that you are in tip-top shape all winter long and not suffering from those pesky winter allergies.

  1. Turn your exhaust fan on

    When you do things like shower or cook, make sure that you are turning on your exhaust fans. This will remove excess humidity and odors from the air that may cause your allergies to act up.

  2. Make sure your carpets are clean

    When you do not have your carpets cleaned regularly dust mites and pet allergens can take over your home. You may also want to mop the rooms in your home that do not have carpet to eliminate these allergens throughout your home.

  3. Wash your hands...a lot

    You probably know that since this time of year is also cold and flu season that you need to be washing your hands as frequently as possible. If you have winter allergies, this is especially true. It’s also a great idea to always wash your hands after petting or playing with a family pet to avoid the allergens in their fur from affecting you negatively.

  4. Do your laundry right

    When you wash your bed linens or your clothing (especially you pajamas), make sure that you are washing them at a temperature above 130 degrees so that you can kill the dust mites that live on them.

Check back for our next post for the continuation of this list!