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You’re Not Crazy! Adult-Onset Seasonal Allergies Exist

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Lately, we have received a lot of emails asking us about something that seems to be occurring all over the United States. People have written into Allergena, inquiring about sudden symptoms of seasonal allergies that have never been a problem for them in their lives until now. People want to know if it is even remotely possible that as an adult they have suddenly began experiencing allergies out of the blue. The answer? Yes. It is absolutely possible. So, now that we have established that no one is losing their minds, let’s talk about the possible reasons an adult, who has never suffered from allergies before, may suddenly find that they are sneezing, scratching their eyes and wiping their nose in the spring season.

The Second Peak of Allergies

While you may not be aware, the majority of people will begin to develop allergies at one of two times in their life. The first time that people discover they have allergies is normally while they are in early elementary school. This is the time that most people associate with developing allergies like this. However, the second time people can find themselves suddenly sensitive to the seasons is when they are in early adulthood. This most often occurs when people are between the ages of 18 and 20. While it is quite uncommon for people to uncover that they have new allergies in their 30s and 40s, it isn’t impossible. The one thing that is true for those who have allergies, regardless of their age, is that once you have allergies, they will likely only worsen over time.

If you find that you are part of the group of people who all of sudden have allergies now that you have entered adulthood, there may be a reason. As an adult, you do not likely spend as much time outdoors as you did when you were a child. This means that your immune system is not accustomed to things that are in the air like pollen, mold and grass. Due to the fact that our immune systems are constantly changing, your adult-onset allergies could be a response to your body thinking that these things in the air are toxins, due to the previously mentioned lack of exposure.

Worsening Allergies

There is also the possibility that you have always had allergies and it wasn’t until a life change occurred causing them to kick into gear. For instance, if you recently moved from a place that had a cooler, drier climate to somewhere with a humid climate, you could possibly have caused allergies that were lying dormant to spring to life. In places like Florida, the trees do not die off in the winter. This means that you will be exposing your body to allergens year-round, which could cause you to suffer from symptoms that are far worse than you have ever experienced before.

You Don’t Actually Have Allergies

We have to throw this one out there. Maybe you aren’t someone who is suffering from allergy symptoms. Perhaps you actually have a cold or sinus infection, things that often mirror seasonal allergy symptoms. Be sure to monitor your body temperature when you begin to notice that your symptoms are showing themselves. If it is high or drastically fluctuating, chances are you aren’t suffering from allergies at all.

Find A Solution To Seasonal Allergies

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