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​Homeopathic Allergy Relief and Tips for Allergy Sufferers

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Nobody ever said spring allergies are fun.

It is just that there are many people who suffer immensely through it. People do everything they can to battle spring allergies, but might still find themselves under siege with sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes.

With the warm temperatures and plants coming alive everywhere, you can expect some really bad allergy days.

Just as flu season ends, allergy season begins. According to research, allergies are the number two reason adults miss work in the spring. In fact, the average American worker with allergies can expect to miss at least one hour a week over the course of a year.

In addition to coughing, sneezing and that annoying runny nose, allergies also wreak havoc on your body by making you exhausted. Allergena, your source for homeopathic allergy relief, offers tips to a healthy allergy season.

Preventative Measures

Take the time to take the necessary steps to reduce your allergy symptoms ahead of time. For example, start your spring cleaning early in an effort to reduce allergens in your home.

You can also visit your doctor to ensure you are healthy. It is easier to battle allergies when you are healthy.

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Identify Triggers

You might notice that you are hit rather hard by allergies on Monday morning at the office. The reason for this might be because the cleaning company doesn't do weekends, so there is a thin layer of dust on your desk come Monday morning.

If this is the case, it makes sense to take a damp cloth and wipe down your desk first thing Monday morning.

Switch Up Your Routine

Your day to day activities might have to change in order to feel better during allergy season. For example, it might not be such a good idea to join that outdoor yoga class, especially since they meet when pollen levels are at their highest during the day.

You will also want to avoid other outdoor activities when allergens are at peak levels. The best time to spend time outdoors is early in the morning or late in the evening.

Check the Pollen Count

There is an app for that. As a matter of fact, there are several apps that will help you track pollen. If the pollen count will be high on a certain day, pick that day to get your indoor tasks complete. No need to mow the lawn on high pollen days, it can wait until tomorrow.

Of course, this also means you should avoid doing any outdoor activities when pollen counts are high.

Review Your Diet

There are studies that show green tea can be fantastic for your allergy symptoms. There are other foods and spices that can help allergy symptoms when integrated with your diet including fruits, vegetables and cayenne pepper.

Watch Your Pets

After your dog or cat has spent time outside, wipe down their paws before they come in to minimize the allergens they track in the house. You should also be giving them a bath on a regular basis, even if your cat hates it.

Kick Off Your Shoes

Don’t be guilty of dragging allergens all through your own home. When you get home, make sure you take your shoes off before entering and keep them outside. On high pollen days, it makes sense to change clothes upon coming home after spending time outdoors.

There is still likely to be lingering pollen and other allergens on your body, so a shower is in order.

Close the Windows

We get it, there is nothing quite like a nice outdoor breeze wafting through your house on a warm spring day. But you really need to keep the windows closed and take advantage of air conditioning. The air conditioning system will help filter out the allergens that make you suffer.

Cover Up

Keeping a barrier between you and the allergens that affect you is a good idea. Use a bandanna to keep your face covered while outside and don't forget the sunglasses.

Take Supplements

Homeopathic allergy remedies, such as the ones now introduced by Allergena, use such radically diluted and succussed substances that they are able to gently induce the desired response in the individual and promote overall health without the overload on the immune system.