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In the past you may have found it a hassle to get rid of your allergy symptoms. After all, it is a process to go see your physician, then visit the pharmacy, then return to the pharmacy to pick up your prescription and so on and so forth. Today , however, it has never been [...]

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Spring Is Here! Get Allergy Relief Now!

It’s that time of year finally when the sun begins to come out more and the flowers begin to bud. That’s right spring is here! While we are all ecstatic to get a break from the cold weather and begin heading closer to the summer months, there is one seemingly annoying part of spring arriving [...]

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Florida and Allergies

Endless Florida Sunshine –a curse or a blessing if you suffer from allergies? While most of the country is busy naming the next winter storm of the season, people in Florida are enjoying warm, sunny days, palm trees and causing much envy on Social Media with their selfies. For most people this is blessing but for some [...]

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What You Should Know About Cat Allergies

Cat allergies and why it is more common than dog allergies.If you suffer from pet allergies chances are you are more likely to be allergic to the cat than the dog. Why?Well, it is not the fur on Fluffy that causes you to sneeze and have itchy, runny eyes. It is a protein on [...]

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Eye Allergies

Eye allergies - help from AllergenaAllergies are usually a temporary condition that flare up in the spring, summer and fall – known as season allergies. If you suffer from eye allergies you probably have sinus allergies as well. Puffy, red itchy eyes just go hand in hand with stuffy, runny noses. However, [...]

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The Peanut Allergy

The peanut allergy has changed the way we pack our kids lunches or chose snacks for ourselves. In the United States alone more than 3 million people show signs of being allergic to peanuts and/or tree nuts.Even though it is a small number of people affected it causes more deadly anaphylactic reactions than any other food [...]

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Merry Sneezing and Happy Stuffy Nose to You!

Merry Sneezing and Happy Stuffy Nose to You – allergies and the Holidays. Everyone is feeling the love over the holiday season but you. For the first time ever, you’re experiencing allergy symptoms, a stuffy nose, sneezing, a dry cough and itchy eyes. Oh joy! Research has found several reasons why allergies are becoming more [...]

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