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​Allergy Relief and Taking a Vacation

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You would love to plan a week vacation. Nothing would be better than spending time at a beach resort or camping even. The problem is that you suffer seasonal allergies and are afraid it will ruin the experience, so you wind up staying at home watching reruns of “Friends.”

There is no need for that. At least not if you order allergy relief products from Allergena.

Americans have a complicated relationship with vacations. Most of us are given time off for vacations, but too many of us never use it. We are either afraid we will fall too far behind at work or find another excuse not to go anywhere.

This needs to end because there are plenty of benefits vacations offer. Here are the consequences of not taking a vacation.

Heart Disease

There have been several studies, many of them long-term, that highlight the benefits your heart enjoys when you actually take vacations. In one particular study, it showed that men who skipped out on vacations were 30% more likely to have a heart attack compared to men who did take regular vacations.

Also, men who take vacations are 21% less likely to die from heart disease. Yes, read that again. Not taking a vacation can literally kill you.


Many workers feel that taking a vacation will cut into their productivity. Well, just the opposite is true.

One study showed that for every 10 hours of vacation an employee takes, their performance improves by over 8%. So if you are worried about productivity, you need to take a vacation.


Yet another study found that people who failed to take vacations on a regular basis were more likely to suffer from depression. People who take at least one vacation a year enjoy positive emotions, plain and simple.


A more recent study found that one great way to reduce stress is by taking a vacation. It seems as though removing yourself from the place that causes a lot of your stress will reduce your stress. Makes sense.


Even when you get home from work, you are not always done working for the evening. Too many of us feel obligated to work after we are done with work. It is far too easy to stay plugged in to work when you have a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone.

This has a negative effect on your relationships.

By taking vacations, you allow yourself to disconnect from work completely and focus your attention on the people you love.

Spending quality time with loved ones is key to a successful and warm relationship.


You probably do the same thing day in and day out at work. After a while, these mundane tasks rob you of your mental flexibility. Taking a vacation recharges your mental battery. So when you return to work and need to be creative to solve a problem, you are recharged and ready to go.

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