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Allergena FAQs Part 1

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Are you searching for a new way to combat allergies but are hesitant to try Allergena allergy-relief drops? At Allergena, we understand that people are sometimes skeptical of alternative remedies. But, if the old way isn’t working, it’s time to try something you haven’t before.

Allergena is a natural allergy remedy. It doesn’t cause side effects and many people have found relief with our allergy drops when so many other products have failed. In today’s blog post, we are going to answer some of the most common questions we get about Allergena. We hope that this will help you to ease your mind about trying something new and prepare you to finally experience an allergy-free season.

Continue reading to learn more and when you’re ready to give Allergena a shot, find your zone and order our allergy-relief drops today.

What Is Allergena?

Allergena is a natural allergy relief remedy. Allergena is homeopathic, meaning that it helps your body build up a healthy immune response to the allergen rather than treating your symptoms like many allergy medications that you’ll find at your local drug store do. Allergena helps you to overcome your allergies and alleviate the coughing, sneezing, and runny nose without harsh medicines that cause a lot of unwanted side effects. Allergena is a great choice for anyone looking for natural allergy relief that really works.

How Does Allergena Work?

Each Allergena formula is designed to treat the allergens indigenous to a particular geographical region of the United States. For example, the types of weeds, trees, and grasses that grow in Texas are going to be different from those that are present in Maine. We create each formula based on the many trees, weeds, and grasses that cause allergies in each specific zone. This way, you’re receiving the proper homeopathic medication for the allergies causing your symptoms.

How Do I Take Allergena?

Allergena is a type of homeopathic sublingual immunotherapy. This means that you place drops of Allergena underneath your tongue. If you do this for several days or weeks leading up to allergy season, your body will have time to build up a healthy immune response to the allergies present in your geographical area. If you begin taking Allergena while you are already experiencing allergy symptoms, each formula also contains herbal drainage remedies to help relieve your symptoms while your body begins to build up that immune response.

What If I Don’t Know What I’m Allergic to?

With Allergena, if you are suffering from spring or summer outdoor allergies, you don’t need to know the exact plant that you are allergic to. Our formulas are created to include immunotherapy for every local tree, weed, and grass in your geographical region.

If you are suffering from indoor allergies, you should do some research to try to determine which allergen is causing a reaction. We have different formulas to address pet dander allergies, mold allergies, and dust mite allergies.

Will Allergena Cause Drowsiness?

Allergena is not like other allergy medications that you’ve taken in the past. It does not cause drowsiness and most of our customers experience no side effects at all. This is because Allergena does not contain antihistamines. Allergena isn’t designed to just manage symptoms, it actually helps your body learn how to respond in a healthy way to allergens.

Are You Ready to Find Real Relief From Allergies?

Have you been suffering from allergies — and then suffering more from the side effects of over-the-counter and prescription allergy medications? If so, it’s time to try Allergena. This natural allergy-relief product doesn’t cause disruptive side effects and doesn’t just manage your symptoms. Instead, Allergena helps your immune system learn how to respond healthfully when you are exposed to an allergen. If you’re ready to try a new, natural way to manage allergies, shop Allergena today.

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