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Allergena FAQs Part 2

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In our last blog post, Allergena FAQs Part 1, we tackled some of the most common questions we receive about Allergena, such as how it works, if any side effects are possible, and how to use Allergena. In this blog post, we are going to continue that discussion and answer some more commonly asked questions.

Continue reading to learn more about Allergena and when you are ready to experience real relief from allergies, try Allergena. These natural allergy relief drops help your body build up a healthy immune response to allergens rather than overreacting and causing the symptoms that we are too familiar with like sneezing, coughing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, and congestion.

Ready to experience natural allergy relief that really works? Find your geographical zone and order homeopathic Allergena allergy relief drops today.

Why Is Allergena Categorized by Zone?

Allergena’s zone-based formulas are created to provide you with relief from outdoor allergies that are caused by allergens present in your area. Different trees, weeds, and grasses grow all across the United States, so it’s important for us to build each formula around the allergens in each geographical zone. For example, the plants that grow in Pennsylvania are different from those in Louisiana, so we needed to create different formulas that would provide immunotherapy for the plants present in each specific region. Zoning our formulas is one of the things that make Allergena so effective.

What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a type of immunotherapy. We introduce very small doses of a substance that is similar to the one that causes your allergies. This allows your body to learn how to respond in a healthy way to the allergen. One of the biggest benefits of homeopathic remedies is that they don’t just cover up symptoms as many allergy medications do. Homeopathic remedies treat the allergy at the source so they can provide real relief.

I Think I’m Allergic to My Pet. Can Allergena Help?

While many of our Allergena formulas are designed to address outdoor allergies, we do also offer an Allergena Pet Dander formula. This formula is created to not only help you overcome allergies to the dander from common pets like dogs and cats, but can also help you build up a healthy immune response to allergies caused by horse, cattle, mouse, hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, hog, duck, and goose dander. So, whether you have an allergy to your pup’s dander or you own a farm and struggle with allergy symptoms, our pet dander formula can help.

Can My Child Take Allergena?

All of our Allergena formulas are safe for children to take. However, our regular formulas do contain alcohol. So, if you are a parent and are uncomfortable with giving your child a medication that contains alcohol, we also make Kid’s Allergena formulas that are alcohol-free.

Do Dogs Get Allergies and Can Allergena Help?

Have you noticed your dog scratching more often than normal or experiencing a runny nose, red eyes, or sneezing? Your dog may have allergies. We make a special formula just for pets that has a sweet taste and is alcohol-free. Our Allergena for Pets can help your dog or cat if they are allergic to many different trees, weeds, grasses, or dust mites.

Try Allergena Allergy Relief Today

Are you searching for a natural allergy relief remedy that doesn’t cause drowsiness or other side effects commonly associated with allergy medication? Look no further than Allergena. This natural homeopathic allergy relief product doesn’t cause any unwanted side effects in most people and doesn’t just cover up your symptoms. Instead, Allergena treats your allergies at the source by teaching your body a better way to respond when you are exposed to an allergen. Are you ready to find real allergy relief? Shop Allergena today.